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Estrella Damm Beer

Given the extensive experience of Compass in the manufacture and distribution of beverages in the African continent, we got selected as the official agent of DAMM for the territory. At present, our distributors are located in Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Ghana, Niger, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, etc. Compass is being very active in the search, selection and appointment of new distributors for other territories. It is noteworthy that Estrella Damm is the official sponsor of Football Club Barcelona (FCB), so in the export markets the product is labelled with the logo FCB.

  • Beer Estrella Damm (5.4º of alcohol).
  • Can of 330 ml. Box containing 4 packs of 6 units HI-CON. 2,300 boxes per container.
  • Can of 500 ml. 1750 boxes per container.
  • Can of 330 ml. No alcohol (0.0º alcohol) with Hallal Certificate. 2,300 boxes per container.
  • 330 ml bottle. Carton of 24 bottles. 1,290 boxes per container.
  • 250 ml bottle. Four packs of 6 bottles. 1,992 boxes per container.
  • 1000 ml bottle. 6 bottles shrink-wrapped presentation. 1,950 boxes per container.
  • POS Material of FCB and DAMM available.
  • Other brands DAMM: Vol-Damm (7.2º of alcohol).

Sahara Gold Beer

SAHARA GOLD is a premium beer (5,2º of alcohol). It´s golden hues, reminiscent of the desert sand, and its delicate bitterness, come from the selection of the best grains of malt and hops. It has a smooth and balanced flavour.