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Soft drinks

Lito Soft Drink

After several years in the sector of manufacture and distribution of soft drinks on the African continent, Compass launches its own range of soft drinks with its own brand LITO Soft, with high quality and competitive price to bring to the markets an alternative product to international brands already consolidated. Currently this range of refreshment is being distributed by local operators in the markets of Ghana, Niger, Benin, among others, expanding every day new markets through new distributors capable of introducing a new brand very appealing to the continent.

Product features include:

Refreshing fizzy drink, currently available flavours cola, orange, pineapple and lemon. Currently developing tonic and apple flavours, very prized in the targeted markets.

  • Can of 330 ml. Shrink-wrapped tray. 4 packs of 6 units shrink-wrapped. 2,420 boxes per container.
  • POS materials available: posters, pens, stickers, shirts and caps.